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With the help of the landscape team at McCulloch Scape, we can take your ordinary outdoor spaces and make them extraordinary with captivating landscape design layouts.

McCulloch Scapes

Improving curb appeal with landscaping

Has your landscaping seen better days? Does it lack vibrancy and life? Do you wish to see more greenery and lush flowerbeds as you see in the magazines? Then let the landscaping experts at McCulloch Scapes assist you! We provide landscaping services to help transform your lawn from drab to fab! We offer full-service landscaping services in the Madison, Mississippi, area for both commercial and residential clients. Learn more about our services below!

Landscaping Design

Elevate your property’s worth and enhance its visual charm with expert landscape designs by McCulloch Scapes. Our skilled team is ready to revamp your landscaping arrangement by integrating fresh flower beds, water features, walkways, patios, and numerous other elements.

Mulching/Pine Straw Services

A crucial part of any landscape design typically involves mulch and pine straw. With numerous color varieties to choose from, mulch and pine straw can add visual appeal to your lawn but also plays an important role in your lawn’s health. Mulch and pine straw enhances moisture retention for your plants and establishes a protective barrier. At McCulloch Scapes, we’re here to help you find the perfect mulch/pine straw blend for your outdoor space!

Landscaping maintenance

Let McCulloch Scapes help you maintain the beauty and design of your landscaping through our maintenance service agreement. Offering a range of different services keeping your property looking its best.

Landscaping Installation

Once our team has assisted you in rendering a beautiful landscape layout concept, we start with the hard work! As a full-service landscaping team, our landscapers specialize in delivering and installing all landscape details, from sod to flower beds, boulders, and more!

Seasonal Services

Ensure your outdoor space mirrors the changing seasons, bursting with vibrant seasonal plants and flowers! The primary advantage of opting for seasonal color landscaping services lies in the capacity to enhance your landscape’s curb appeal. Our team of landscaping experts is adept at cultivating and planting seasonal foliage, ensuring a visually striking appearance that flourishes throughout every season.

Tree Planting & More!

Entrust your tree service needs to the landscaping team at McCulloch Scapes. From planting new trees to shaping and trimming your existing trees, McCulloch Scapes can expertly manage the design and layout of your shrubs.

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From exceptional landscape design and installations to comprehensive property management services, leave it to McCulloch Scapes to improve your outdoor spaces! Contact us today to get started.