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Illuminate your outdoor spaces with unique outdoor lighting solutions by McCulloch Scapes!

McCulloch Scapes

Improving curb appeal & Security with landscaping

Landscape lighting highlights the beauty of any home in a captivating way. Not only does it illuminate the architectural features of your residence, but it also provides functional lighting that benefits homeowners. At McCulloch Scapes, we install lighting features to create a subtle glow and display the best elements of your outdoor space. Not to mention, our landscape lighting installations provide a layer of security, safety, and comfort to your property. If outdoor lighting is something you’ve always been intrigued by, we’d love to help you incorporate it in a way that works best for your property. Contact us today for a free quote!

Outdoor lighting enhances security for both homeowners and business proprietors. They are just as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, well-lit homes are proven to discourage intruders. Ensuring optimal outdoor lighting is vital for business owners, particularly those operating into the evening. It offers customers greater comfort in navigating your commercial space and accentuates your establishment’s architectural features. At McCulloch Scapes, we offer a variety of outdoor lighting design and installation services, including path and pond lighting, landscape lighting, and more! Talk with us today about getting more information on how investing in landscape lighting can produce countless benefits for your commercial and residential spaces.

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From exceptional landscape design and installations to comprehensive property management services, leave it to McCulloch Scapes to improve your outdoor spaces! Contact us today to get started.